Formant Effect Synthesizer

This Formant is a patchable modular analog synthesizer with the most important modules, except one : It contains no logarithmic VCO, but linear ones.
This was my first synthesizer, built in 1995.

Modules :
4 linear VCO's from a 1975-book about a (very simple!) DIY-Synth.
2 voltage controlled state variable filters (VCF) with switchable LPF,HPF,BPF,NF (*F*)
4 ADSR's (envelope generators)
2 AR's
sample and hold(*D*)
Noise Generator (Coloured noise, White Noise, random voltage) (*F*)
4 VCA's, linear (voltage controlled amplifiers) (*F*)
Transistor ladder VCF (Moog type)
Lot of Multiples
Some Audio Mixers
4 LFO's, (low frequency oscillators) with square and rectangle output

( All modules marked with a (*F*) are from schematics (or parts) of the Formant synth. The (*D*) modules are from Doepfers A-100-service-manual, which contains a lot of schematics, most of them simple but useful. Regarding copyright law : no schems.

I use the synth mostly for sound effects, like storm, metallic sounds (FM with the linear VCO'S) and things like that. On the other hand, it produces, together with my (DIY) 4 channel 8 step trigger sequencer, wonderful sequences. And together with some trigger dividers, used for changing the VCO tune by linear FM, you even can create some kind of music.