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Modular 2

A Modular synth (called "2", because the effect synth was number 1)

This modular synthesizer is an open system which is thought to grow constantly. it consists of 100 cm x 50 cm x 30 cm Racks, each with 5 Frontplates, filles with modules. There is also a Serge-like lower cabinet with frequently used modules, like trigger sequencers joystick, switches and so on.

modular 2 cabinets

modular 2 cabinets


Here are all the modules of the MOD2, together on there Faceplates. If there are related schematics or PCB's, you will find the link "Schemo" below the Picture. "Schemo" is a link to the corresponding site, containing more information.

"Schemo" The 4 ADSR's are ASM1-Modules. I found a PCB in the net, the design is from Anders Sponton. There were some bugs in the layout, you will find the corrected version below. If someone is offended by the link to the PCB, please let me know, I will remove it. The trigger delay is a modified Doepfer A162.

6 ADSR's (SSM)
"Schemo" Theres nothing much to say here. These are 6 SSM-Chips from a dead Korg Polysix. You also can see 2 Mixers on the right side.

diode ladder filter, waveshaper
"Schemo" A diode ladder filter. This is a +/- 15 V version. The waveshaper is from the new Formant Pro. no schematic, no PCB : please buy the book !

Formant Filter (12dB/24dB)
The well known Formant 12 dB multimode filter and 6/12/18/24 dB HP/LP-Filter.

This is a modded MCV8 from Doepfer. I built all Switches and jacks to the front, much easier to handle !

LFO's, S/H, Mixers a.s.o.
"Schemo" Here you see, together on 30 cm x 50 cm, 3 LFO's, 2 Sample and Holds, 4 Mixers, 2 Voltage controlled switches, 3 Attenuators, white and pink noise and multiples.

MOOG-Filter, MS20 Low/Highpass, Digital Ringmod
"Schemo" Here we have the Formant Pro MOOG-transistor ladder filter. The MS20 High- and Lowpass filter is a modified KORG MS20-Filter from Rene Schmitz. Instead of one 13600 two CA3080 are used. I designed a PCB for this filter, which can be used both for HP and LP. Information about the Digital ringmodulator can be found here.

Rene Schmitz' VCO4
Another excellent design of Rene Schmitz. This is a link to his homepage , please choose "VCO's" and then "VCO4". This VCO goes from lowest LFO-frequencies (Minutes per cycle) to highest values (ultrasonic) with absolutely stable curves.

PS1000 Resonator Clone, Formant RFM, Formant Phaser
"Schemo" The Korg PS3100 is a famous resonator, built up with 4 Sallen-Key band pass filters. As you can see, it's not ready. The 2 formant modules are built straight forward.

3 8-step-sequencer
3 8-Step sequencers and 2 Triggersequencers running parallel.

Trigger Dividers, Digital Noise, R-Envelope
"Schemo" One of my first modules. Actually, the faceplate is identical to that of the burried triggerbox. The digital noise is a modded Doepfer A117. The R-Envelope does nothing else but a release envelope. The release time can be between 0 and 5 seconds.

6 CEM-based VCA's (linear)
"Schemo" 6 modded Doepfer VCA's (linear)

6 SSM-based 12-dB Lowpass Filters
"Schemo" The Korg Polysix does not only contain ADSR-SSM-Chips, but also 12dB-Lowpass-SSM's ;-)

VC-LFO, 1 Formant VCA, 2 ASM1-VCA's
The VC-LFO and the VCA are (old)Formant modules. The ASM1-VCA is also from Anders Sponton, here too, a corrected version.

6 Doepfer like VCO's
Heavily modified Doepfer VCO's (The original heater tends to oscillate wildly an is not so easy to handle. Here I used another heater-circuit).

Modulation wheel, jysticks a.s.o.
"Schemo" Both, wheels and joystick are working with the same simple schematic.