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"The Pig" is a very simple, little synth with 2 VCO's, 1 voltage controlled state var Filter, two Attack-Release Generators, VCA (of course), 2 LFO's (one of them with audio freq) and two 8-step sequencers.
The first sequencer modulates the two VCO's, the second one is for filter modulation.
After all, this little synth provides "slide" and a 8-step trigger sequencer for the latter function. Thus, as simple this machine is, it sounds astonishing complex, because of some little more features like cross modulation or LFO-modulation of the VCSFV with the audio-LFO.

Here you can see the machine, two days after it was finished.

The following 6 MP3's are just short little excerpts, made with different Clock speed, filter setting, LFO speed and so on.


And some pictures of how the "PIG" was build.
By the way : I called it "The PIG", because it is one of the uglyst looking synths I have ever seen. Actually, it looks more like a register cash than a musical intrument. Fortunately it doesn't sound much like a register cash.


Mounting the boards....                                A look at the front panel !


All boards are mounted, the front panel is colored.


This is one of the VCO's (VCO design of Doepfers MS404)